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Work Love Travel (WLT) is registered in ………………………….. We at WLT are fully committed to protecting and securing your information and privacy. This page outlines our privacy policy and practices. Furthermore, it describes how we collect, use and protect your personal information provided through The information you share with us will not be disclosed to third-party websites without your knowledge or consent. We are not liable for the information third-party websites collect through Therefore, we recommend you read the Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions of any third-party website you visit via

What information do we collect?

WLT may collect, use and store your personal information to provide the best service. The information we collect includes:

  • Personal data such as your name, address and contact details
  • Identity verification details including national ID card, passport or driving license.
  • Browser records
  • Cookies
  • Image and sound data (telephone recordings)

How and why we collect your personal information

We collect your personal information through several avenues, including:

  • Direct contact – WLT may gather personal information when you interact with us via phone, post or email. We also obtain data when you fill out any forms through the website
  • Third-party sources
  • Automated data collection via cookies

We may use your personal information to improve and enhance the website. The data we collect helps us offer customised services for you and personalise the experience. The information you provide will also be useful for us to comply with our legal obligations. Furthermore, we utilise the data to offer personalised advertising and marketing, which is necessary for the business. Your data will also enable effective communication between you and the company. We use the data to offer better customer service, as well as send notifications, security alerts and updates.

How we disclose data

We are fully committed to protecting the data you share with us. Therefore, we follow strict guidelines through processing, storing and disclosing any personal information you give us. Your data is not disclosed to third-party websites and service providers unless:

  • We notify you and obtain your consent
  • A service offered on WLT is provided by or improved via a third-party

Where applicable, we share your information when you have provided your consent. This may apply when you access WLT via a third-party website or application. We may use limited personal information to drive traffic to our website. For instance, reposting one of your Instagram posts related to the company or website.


We use cookies to enhance your user experience, and advertisements on our website may access these cookies on your computer. You can adjust your cookie settings in your browser.


We constantly improve and update our security measures to protect your data against unauthorised access, misplacement, destruction or theft. We use firewalls and data encryption to protect the data we gather and control access to the information. Contact our technical support team if you believe your privacy has been breached due to WLT.


We may access certain limited information to display more specific advertisements that cater to your interests.

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