Dambulla is home to the majestic Dambulla Rock Cave Temple – one of Sri Lanka’s largest and best-preserved cave temple complexes. This sacred site contains a staggering number of ancient Buddha statues and intricate murals dating back to the Kandyan era and offers a serene retreat for the soul. The awe-inspiring caves invite you to reflect and find peace. Dambulla’s tranquil ambience and profound history make it an essential destination for spiritual seekers.




Located in Sri Lanka’s Central Province, Dambulla is renowned for its well-preserved cave temple complex, the largest in the country. Dambulla’s Golden Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases Buddhist art and culture within its five cave shrines. These ancient caves, dating back to the first century BCE, house over 150 Buddha statues and intricate murals. Dambulla is also a central hub to reach other attractions in the Central Province, and a popular destination for village tours.

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Impression
  • Price 300$ - 500$
  • Categories Religion
  • Capital Bridgetown
  • Language Sinhala, English
  • Currency LKR
  • Time Zone UTC+5:30
  • Drives on the Left
  • Calling code +94