Wilpattu is home to one of the largest national parks in Sri Lanka. One of its defining features is a series of natural lakes, formed after heavy rainfalls. These lakes are shallow and offer a source of water for the wildlife. Roam through dense jungles, home to elusive leopards and majestic elephants, and discover ancient ruins amidst serene landscapes, promising an adventure rich in biodiversity and cultural intrigue.




Wilpattu offers different habitats to animals. Due to its proximity to the coast, some parts of the park consist of a coastal belt. In addition, there are scrub and grasslands, rocky outcrops, villus, and packets of thick jungles. At one point, the park was home to a great leopard population, which has reduced since then. However, the population is slowly increasing, so you still have the opportunity to spot one of these sleek big cats.

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