Yala is the place to go to see Sri Lankan leopards. The park has the largest leopard population in Sri Lanka. It is also one of the most popular national parks in the country. Today, it provides a safe home to wildlife in the area. Several places of worship are scattered throughout the premises that you can visit. One of these religious sites is Situlpawwa, a beautiful ancient temple perched on top of a rock outcrop.




Yala National Park covers an area of nearly 130,000 hectares divided into five blocks. Of these, two blocks are open to visitors. By now, Yala has over 40 mammal species. Among these are the three famous game animals in Sri Lanka; leopards, sloth bears and elephants. In addition, visitors can spot more than 200 varieties of birds. The dry season from February to July is the best time to visit the park as animals are more likely to come into the open to seek water.

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